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I Hope She’ll Come Back Stronger

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Novak Djokovic revealed compassion for Naomi Osaka and also mentioned the value of Osaka to the sporting activity of tennis.

He additionally showed compassion for Osaka and also a broad-minded sight of what she is presently experiencing, as a participant of a more youthful generation.

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He discussed the wish for more youthful professional athletes to utilize their very own social media sites networks to interact with the general public, instead of experience the media. “It’s part of what we do,” he claimed. “The media is important, without a doubt. You know, it’s allowing us to have the platform to communicate with our fans, but in a more traditional way. It used to be the only way how we can reach out to our fans, right, in the last five years or maybe ten years’s it’s not the case anymore. We have our own platforms, our own social media accounts through which we are able to communicate directly with fans.”

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