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Gary Russell Jr.: “The Pound For Pound List Means Nothing, Mr. Gary Russell Jr. Is One Of The Nicest And He’s Not On The Pound For Pound List So Clearly It’s About Popularity”

Russell Jr.

Published on 05/28/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Russell Jr.

For most fighters, the objectives are just the same. Beat every competitor that’s put before them, grab many globe titles and accumulate a ton of money in the process. However while those abovementioned objectives are near the top of their list, most of them hunger for acknowledgment in the type of the pound for pound list.

With 17 complete weight courses in the sporting activity, normally, not all competitors can deal with each other because of the disparity in weight. To obscure the lines and permit a reasonable contrast, the pound for pound list has a look at a competitor’s skillset, success and a variety of various other aspects prior to inevitably rating that is the very best worldwide no matter weight courses. Although numerous competitors are serious on making a look on the list, Gary Russell Jr. could not care much less.

While he concurs that the pound for pound list is implied to rate the very best competitors worldwide, he merely does not value any type of list that does not have his name smudged to it.

“I pay the pound for pound list no mind at all,” stated Russell Jr. throughout a meeting with “I don’t care about the pound for pound list at all. The pound for pound list means nothing. Mr. Gary Russell Jr. is hands down one of the nicest, intellectual fighters in the sport of boxing and he’s not on the pound for pound list so clearly it’s about popularity.”

Despite whether ESPN, the Boxing Writers Organization of America or any type of various other trusted resource launches a pound for pound list, Russell Jr. is frequently ended. While the abilities and skill are still existing, the WBC featherweight belt owner has actually hardly ever revealed it. For the previous 6 years, Russell Jr. has actually entered the ring simply when every year. Without any battles presently aligned on his 2021 schedule, he seems tailoring to make it 7 years straight.

Even with his lack of exercise, Russell Jr. remains to press the story that the names connected with the pound for pound list have even more to do with the variety of eyeballs that listen to see them battle rather than the real abilities they position on display screen in the ring.

“It’s not about skills, it has nothing to do with skills. Anybody that’s on the pound for pound list has nothing to do with skill, it’s about popularity so I can care less.”

Despite Having Russell Jr. remaining to direct an incredulous finger in the direction of the pound for pound list and what he regards it to be as being coldly flippant, he still appreciates numerous of the competitors that get on stated list, consisting of the agreement finest competitor worldwide.

“I like Canelo,” proceeded Russell Jr. “I think he fought enough dogs to be part of the pound for pound list.”

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