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Daily Bread Mailbag: Pacquiao-Spence, Fury-Wilder 3, Donaire, Ennis, More

pacquiao spence

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen “Breadman” Edwards tackling topics such as Errol Spence vs. Manny Pacquiao, Nordine Oubaali vs. Nonito Donaire, the career of Jaron Ennis, Josh Taylor vs. Jose Ramirez, Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder trilogy, and more.

Sup Bread,

We finally have an opponent for Crawford at ESPN. Was almost blown away by the performance that Josh Taylor gave. The one problem that I had with it was his performance in later half. What do you think happened? Did he just play it safe or he slowed down due to body punches. Or maybe he is cutting too much weight. Anyway, he can be a good opponent for Crawford now. Scotland finally has it’s own champion after Ken Buchanan.

What do I even say about the old man Pacquiao? Fighting Spence at this age. Wow. If you were Pacquiao, what will be your strategy to beat Spence at this age? If he wins then do you think that he surpasses Mayweather?



Bread’s Response: Josh Taylor is the man. But I wouldn’t be so fast to assume he fights Crawford next. The critics attack Crawford’s resume. But you can always tell how good someone is by who is willing to bet against them. Money creates a different type of loyalty. People who know, know. Terence Crawford is nothing to be played with. And for as good as Taylor and his resume is. He would be an underdog if he faced Crawford. Taylor has smart people with him. Ben Davison and Lee Wylie know the game from special type of eyes. I don’t think Taylor cares who he fights. But you pay your team to advise you. Teofimo Lopez struggles to make 135lbs. Lopez has said he wants to move up soon. For as talented as Lopez is, he’s not as developed as Crawford. I would be all for Taylor vs Crawford. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited on Lopez to move up. Taylor had an excellent performance. 

I don’t know why he stepped off the gas. But let’s give Ramirez credit. He was fighting like a dog. Maybe he hit Taylor with something we didn’t notice that bothered him. Maybe Taylor lost his rhythm. Maybe Taylor just simply got fatigued. It happens. It also happened vs Prograis. Taylor is an emotional guy. Sometimes that can burn you out. I’ve always felt making 140lbs is right on the line for him. Who really knows. Also I have seen fighters fatigue mentally not so much physically. Lots of things happen in a fight. I am inclined to just believe that in a tough fight like that vs an elite fighter in his prime, there will be EBB & FLOWS. It’s hard to be perfect for 12 rounds when you’re fighting someone just as good as you are and they’re in their prime.

If Manny beats Spence…… I don’t want to get into the if he surpasses Mayweather debate. Manny and Floyd’s fans are too maniacal for me. They act like immediate family members of two men who they don’t know or never met. And there is too much room between the cup and lip to even discuss that right now. Manny Pacquiao is CRAZY. I mean that in a good way. Fighters like him just believe they have a chance. Someone has to seriously hurt them for them to not believe it. Ali was like that. He fought a prime Larry Holmes in 1980. Leonard was like that. He fought a prime Terry Norris in 1991. Some fighters just have to be shown they shouldn’t be fighting prime killers anymore. Errol Spence is going to have to knock Manny out for him to believe it. 

I think Manny has to get the crowd on his side. I think he has to try to embarrass Spence, not so much beat Spence up. Errol is the truth but he doesn’t have tricks. What I mean by that is he’s a meat and potatoes fighter like Hagler, McCallum and a few others. He doesn’t do fancy moves. He’s athletic but not a freak athlete. I think Manny has him in that department. I think at this point Spence is more consistent with his hard, ram rod jab. But if Manny can condense the exchanges to 2 or 3 loud outburst a round and not get beat up too much in between those outburst, he may be able to steal a decision. 

The good thing for Manny is the pressure is on Errol. Errol took some heat for not koing Mikey Garcia. I thought he fought a perfect fight to win. Garcia lost all 12 rounds in my opinion. But Errol cruised. In Errol’s big fights he hasn’t been a destroyer. He’s been more of a technical boxer. I love boxers but I’m talking about the media and fans. They could turn on him if he doesn’t spark Manny. People may not remember this but the great Marvelous Marvin Hagler received lots of criticism for not stopping Roberto Duran. It wasn’t that Duran wasn’t capable at the time. He had just destroyed undefeated Davey Moore. But Hagler had stopped all of his title challengers and considered the world’s best fighter in 1983. The public felt like he was supposed to stop Duran, not just outwork him. But Duran had so much savvy and natural athleticism. He was able to not only survive but be competitive. I think Duran’s success vs Hagler gets overblown though. I thought Hagler won 10-5. But perception clouds reality. People look back on that fight and act like Hagler barely won. Errol is not just fighting Manny Pacquiao. He’s fighting the perception that Manny is too old and small to be competitive with him at this point. He’s fighting the LEGEND of Manny Pacquiao. This fight reminds me of Hagler vs Duran….

Greetings Breadman,

Hope you’re well. Thanks for doing the mailbag.

What’s your opinion on the role of Kenny Bayless during the 2nd knockdown? I thought that he was off with the clinches/tie ups all night. At the start of the fight, he was breaking apart the fighters right away. Then, as the fight progressed, he was verbally telling them to work inside. Almost like he split the baby and couldn’t decide how to manage that situation. What’s the rulebook say about that? Is it a consistent rule when the ref is supposed to break apart two fighters?

What was worse for me, though, was the second knockdown. You can see him tap the fighters to break them apart, and then Ramirez looks away. As soon as Taylor lets the uppercut loose, Kenny Bayless pulls his hands away like he touched a hot stove. Imo, he blew it. Ramirez and his camp have a complaint. Without this knockdown, the fight could be a draw, or Ramirez could have rallied. Taylor’s corner thought they were way ahead and took their foot off the gas, looking to time a third big shot.


Nick Lovett

Bread’s Response: Sometimes we as humans can be in a YIP. I think Bayless was in a YIP Saturday night. He was just off with his timing and judgment. At one time he was considered the best ref in boxing. But he was always known as one who didn’t allow too much inside fighting or grappling. Every ref is different. In this fight. Both Taylor and Ramirez fight on the inside. Taylor actually likes to grapple and smother. So maybe it was Bayless not being familiar with their styles. I don’t really know if he’s ever worked their fights before. But he kept breaking them too soon. And yes you’re right he tapped Ramirez. Ramirez lost concentration and Taylor clipped him. It’s not an excuse, it’s what happened. Bayless was also off on his counts when Ramirez was knocked down. He gave Ramirez extra time both times. I don’t know what was going on. I don’t want to criticize Mr. Bayless too much. We are all human beings. But that was definitely a BAD night. If it would have been one of my fighters in there I would not have been happy to say the least. Both teams have major complaints. 

Wassup Bread?

Being a former hooper yourself, I think I got a couple of hypotheticals this week that you would enjoy. Per a study performed by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, of the more than 1500 high school athletes that participated, athletes who were found to specialize in 1 sport were twice as likely to report a lower body injury than those who played multiple sports. Also per the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, around 88% of all Division 1 male and female athletes reported playing multiple sports when they were younger. With that said, usually multi-sport athletes are building a large base for athletic and dynamic traits due the high exposure of other sports which decrease their likelihood of injury and increases their chances of becoming a professional athlete. If you could take a former two-sport athlete and turn them into a world-class champion fighter, which two-sport background would you pick and why? Also, if you had the choice of the following two-sport athletes to train who would you pick from this list: 1. Deion Sanders (Football, Baseball)2. Bo Jackson (Football, Baseball)3. Randy Moss (Football, Basketball)4. Odell Beckham Jr (Football, Soccer, Basketball, and track)5. Kenny Lofton (Baseball, Basketball)6. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Football, Wrestling)7. Marion Jones (Track, Basketball)I tried to get as many athletic freaks on the list as possible. I appreciate the mailbag as always.

Stephen from Dallas

Bread’s Response: I agree 100%. I played basketball, football and baseball as a kid. And I felt it all helped me play the other. You can always draw a reference. I focused on basketball as I got older and it helped me with boxing. It also helped me develop fighter’s legs and explosive reaction. Great point my man. It’s also why I make my children run track along with their team sports. It builds a base. And for the record before anyone ask, boxing is the most demanding sport because of the violence, weight cutting and having to build explosiveness and endurance. But Basketball is the hardest sport to make it pro. Meaning it’s the sport where the highest skill level and athleticism is needed to be successful. Your level of skill to make the NBA is absurd. I know some average athletes who have had some success as boxers. There is no one average in the NBA in terms of skill. 

Out of the athletes you named I would pick Bo Jackson. Boxing has a lot to do with temperament and natural toughness. But if I could pick the backgrounds I want that benefit a boxer the most. It would be fencing, wrestling and track. Those 3 sports are more beneficial to a boxer than any others. Track because variations of running as far as sprinting and endurance is the basis of all conditioning. Wrestling builds a different type of endurance and it allows a fighter to grapple and fight on the inside. Fencing develops good feet and concentration. 

Hey Mr Edwards,

I hope you are in good shape physically. Going by the last mailbag and others before, no need to ask you what shape you in with that. It’s clear. Beast mode.

Pacquiao-Spence is not the bad ending for Pacman that most seem to think. Spence is very predictable and boxing politics and economics aside, that is the primary reason he’s being shielded from Terrence Crawford. But Manny is not the soft landing the Spence people are looking for. All Spence might get out of this fight is a big payday and no more.

Mikey Garcia and Danny Garcia are not on the level of even this version of Pacman. Yet, Spence dominated but did not overpower a Mikey who simply couldn’t get off. He coasted to victory against a Danny whose best days were at Junior Welterweight. The first genuine test Spence had in his title reign was Shawn Porter and to this day I’m not convinced he beat Porter. Porter’s glove briefly touches the canvas and that’s the margin of victory? Please.

I think Pacman has had a proper rest from the Thurman fight and he’ll come into the fight fresh. People discredit Pacman’s victory over Thurman, saying the latter was oft-injured and a part-time boxer. But here’s fact, Thurman was UNDEFEATED. Now here’s the thing. Spence’s greatest asset is his body attack. Manny is a freak of nature. He appears to have no body to hit and his in and out movement on those propeller legs makes that target even smaller. So if he can’t hit Manny in the body, what’s Spence going to do? He’s going to head hunt. Big mistake because he’s going to overextend and his hands will not be back in time to defend Manny’s counters. If he stays with a futile body attack, Manny is still going to catch him coming in because he’ll force him to overreach .There’s a reason Pacman will fight Spence rather than Crawford. Spence is not the man to retire him. Crawford would. I pick Manny for a BIG win. He might beat Spence just as bad as he beat Margarito. What do you think?

I see Julian Williams thinks Jarron Ennis beats the top welters right now. JRock must focus on himself because he has no clue what he’s talking about. Boots hasn’t beat anyone yet. He’s talented, he’s huge for the weight, he’s fast and twitchy and seems to carry good power. Has he been buzzed? Can he fight hurt? We don’t know these things and they are important. He’s never been hit by an elite welterweight. Can the hype around him slow down a little bit? I think Spence grinds him down in the home stretch. I think, like Gamboa, he hurts Crawford because he’s not the most difficult to hit. He jumps in for the kill and boom Crawford’s got him out of there. Crawford is vicious when hurt. That’s throwback stuff. What do you think?

Finally, people think Donaire is finished. The man is a gunslinger. I haven’t seen much of the champion. But I think he’s an ex-champion by the time the weekend is over. What do you think?

Haney-Linares is clear. Linares loses all his big fights. Last question, how good was Jose Legra? Is he in the HOF?

MM – Orlando Canizalez v the Monster – I think it’s a great fight but I don’t know who wins.

Keep punching Mr Edwards. Could you also let us in on your next star now that JRock went his own way.


Johannesburg, South Africa.

Bread’s Response: I’m in decent shape lol but no where near the shape I used to be in when I first started training fighters. I agree and disagree about Spence vs Manny. I think Manny is susceptible to the body. He was kod many years ago to the body. Margarito hurt him to the body. I don’t like how Manny defends body shots. But the problem is when you go to his body, he’s cat quick and he can counter. So it’s a chance you’re taking if you go to his body.

I also think that Manny picked Spence for a reason. I feel like Spence is a great fighter but he doesn’t seem as athletic or freaky as Crawford. Crawford seems a little more twitchy and he’s been a ko machine recently. Where as Spence has been winning but he hasn’t been as brutal. Spence also seems a little slower. So a fighter like Manny who can choose who he fights, picks Spence over Crawford. The thing is it doesn’t have to work out how Manny’s team expects it to. But I agree they picked Spence over Crawford. 

I also think that Freddie Roach and Sean Gibbons are very smart guys. Roach still has good eyes. His opinion is respected. Roach has openly said that Crawford is better than Spence. I’m not saying I agree or disagree. I don’t know until they fight. But I think Freddie’s opinion is respected. I actually felt in my gut that Manny would choose Spence because I remember Freddie’s comments. Sean Gibbons is also a sharp guy. Very sharp. He knows the game. I think they saw something in Spence.

I don’t read boxing interviews or articles. But I’m assuming Williams was asked about Ennis. If that was the case, he has a right to give his opinion on a topic he was asked about. I personally have hired Ennis for camps for Williams since 2014. They have sparred at least 10x. Williams knows Ennis is an elite talent. So he can speak on that. 

Let me tell you something. Ennis the BEST fighter I have EVER seen in the gym sparring. That doesn’t mean he will be the best fighter in boxing. That doesn’t mean he will go to the HOF. But it does mean he has rare ability and potential. I have seen some great fighters spar. And Ennis is the best and most consistent I have ever seen in the gym. He rarely has a bad day. I’ve never seen him have 2 bad days in a row and I’ve been watching him since he was 17 years old. You have to get in shape just to spar him….

I won’t say yet if he can beat Spence or Crawford. I will say that I wouldn’t pick against Ennis vs any fighter in the world from 147-160. No one! I need more information as far as if he can beat everyone. Because as time goes, things reveal themselves. We learn more. And I’m careful with my words. I don’t speak in absolute terms when it comes to fighters anymore. But until I get more information I won’t pick any of those guys to beat him either. Let’s see how things play out as far as Ennis and more importantly let’s see who’s willing to fight him.

 I think Nonito Doanire is one of the best 25 fighters ever from 122lbs and lower. He should get more credit for going through his prime run taking 365/24/7 PED testing without being mandated to do so. I also think he has a chance to win this weekend. It won’t be easy but he has a shot. If he wins I hope he retires on the high note. I like Haney big over Linares. Linares is a great talent. He has high skill. But his application on when and not to do things is far from elite. And his durability does not make up for his mistakes. I think Haney wins this fight also.

As far as I know Legra is not a HOF but he was an excellent fighter. The problem with fighters like Legra is if they don’t get in early when the voters remember them the best, it’s harder for them to get in because the new voters forget about them. He wasn’t the best of his era. He was among the best and it’s a difference if you’re a smaller fighter and not from the US.

How is it going Bread? Hope all is well.

I want to start out by saying how exciting this week end’s unification fight was, if this type of fights happened more often boxing would be back on top in no time.  I thought that Ramirez had a good strategy  in the first part of the fight, he was patient, stayed in perfect range and attacked in the right moments. It was a pleasure watching him cutting the ring, getting inside with good balance, movement and an efficient jab and go to work on Taylor, almost reminiscent of Duran in spots. I also noticed that after each break he put himself in good position to keep attacking if he had the momentum earlier.  Not only he was effective inside but he was landing his jabs and right hand from long range as well.  He also was effective with mixing up his attack upstairs and downstairs and throwing that left hook, which Taylor was suspect to because of keeping his right hand low, both on the attack as an off shot and even trying to set him up with it for a counter.  

After the 5th round Ramirez was up 3 rounds to 1 and then Taylor started to make adjustments at that moment Ramirez started to struggle to find his range and started to go after Taylor with less caution.  I don’t know what Ramirez’s corner told him before the start of the 5th round, being 3 rounds up, I think that he should have been even more patient and lay back and box a little bit and set up his attacks more cautiously and even try to set up counters himself especially from that left hook, since he was having success from long range as well.  I don’t know if it was frustration or impatience since Ramirez was having success from previous rounds, but Ramirez failed to make and adjustment in the fifth round with his distance which allowed Taylor to do more of his work and start to set him up. Ramirez paid for it in the 6th, by falling in right into Taylor’s counter.  Even after that knockdown I thought that Ramirez could pull himself back into the fight, but after that 7th round KD it was a steep hill to climb.  

I personally couldn’t believe that he got up from it. It was reminiscent of a shot that Mayweather hit Ortiz with. For Ramirez to get up, continue fighting and even have success and win some of the later rounds, speaks loads on his heart and preparation. I think that Taylor was surprised of how well Ramirez recovered after the second knockdown as well and chose to counter and try to catch him coming in again, rather than going after him. How do you assess the performance of both fighters?

Going back to the 7th round KD, without further controversy, since the golden rule is to protect oneself at all times, I wanted to get your expertise and clarification on the boxing rules specifically when it comes to referees and the capacity of their intervention during boxing action. Specifically, if a a referee continuously tap and touch fighters while observing and contemplating to call a break or letting the action continue like Bayless did? I thought that primarily the referees are suppose to use their voice to call out commands, prior to calling the actual break. Can you please shed some more light on this?

After all said and done I definitely want to see more of Ramirez and I think that if he chooses to, he warrants a rematch and can make the necessary adjustments to have more success against Taylor. As far as Taylor, I think that he is “tailor” made, no pun intended, for Crawford and I don’t think it goes the distance. I can just now imagine Crawford landing that step back ‘bred and butter’ counter over hand left hook of his. What do you think of the match up? Also, I want to add that I just feel gutted for Crawford for not getting the Pacquiao fight. Where does he go from here? Since Errol is fighting Pac, I would think that he also needs a notable fight to stay relative and get the winner next.  I think that if Vergil Ortiz wants that smoke he should give it to him. Its just sad to see him sit around for so long. What would you do if you were Crawford?

Thanks for your time,


Bread’s Response: I think Ramirez and Taylor both fought “good” fights. I have seen fighters fight bad fights and win. I have seen fighters fight good fights and lose. In this case Taylor was the winner and Ramirez the loser but both fought well. I can see you’re a fan of Ramirez….

Ramirez started to cook around 2 or 3. He started doing some good things and Taylor looked disorganized. But a fight goes in layers. It’s 12 separate rounds. I think Ramirez over reached in the 6th round and he got hit with a nice counter. In the 7th he was distracted and lost concentration in a clinch and was dropped again. It literally cost him the fight. While watching the fight I thought to myself that Taylor is slightly better but as far as mathematical scoring, I felt Ramirez was hustling and possibly winning rounds. I also thought the knockdowns changed the “momentum” of the fight. But what people don’t realize is that fights shouldn’t have a carry over effect as far as rounds. Just because Taylor was winning his rounds by a bigger margin, it doesn’t mean Ramirez wasn’t winning rounds. I can see 7-5 Taylor or 6-6 with Taylor winning of course because of the knockdowns. I didn’t see Ramirez win 7 rounds but he fought his butt off. With adjustments of course Ramirez can win. But don’t forget Taylor will adjust also. 

I love Josh Taylor. But I don’t think at this point he could beat Terence Crawford. Terence Crawford is so good, that he would be the prohibitive favorite over a top 5 P4P fighter in Taylor. He’s that good. I know Taylor is 30 but I think he needs to sure up a few more areas before he fights Crawford. Crawford is snake bitten as far as getting the big fights. That’s what happens when you’re as good as he is. His team has to find a way. I have a feeling that Crawford is going to get frustrated and just retire. Or they will try to make him fight Jaron Ennis……

Not often in THIS era do we see a fighter as talented as Ennis go for his 1st title vs a fighter as special as Crawford. Usually it’s a lesser champion or vacant belt. Think about that. Long gone are the days of Joe Frazier fighting George Foreman as Foreman’s first title fight. Or Bernard Hopkins facing Jermaine Taylor. Or Jermaine Taylor facing Kelly Pavlik. Or Evander Holyfield facing Riddick Bowe. In this era we haven’t had that very often. I think the best #1 contender match up when that contender was fighting for the his 1st title recently has been Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury. Look at the stand out lightweights who are on par with Ennis as far as talent. Teofimo Lopez fought Richard Commey for his first title and Devin Haney fought for a vacant belt. Champions don’t usually chance it vs those types of #1 contenders and lots of #1 contenders don’t want to lose their 1st title shot. The one thing I will say is if Ennis is offered a title shot, he’s going to take it. He’s not going to duck a title shot.

Hello Mr. Breadman.

I am now approaching my late 50’s and have been watching this sport for just about 48 years.  I watched many of the Ali fights live and watched as the SRL/Four King era come and go.

Decades ago, one thing that I noticed that had some small effect was fighters who looked intimidating.  I know skill and preparation are two of the most important things to winning a fight and being successful.  I remember fighters who along with skill, preparation, and other intangibles got some pretty good mileage by also looking intimidating.  Some of the intimidating-looking fighters that I remember were, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Earnie Shavers, Iran Barkley, Mike Tyson, and many more.  I remember Mike Tyson fighting Alex Stewart.  The look on Stewart’s face while getting the prefight instructions was unforgettable.  Stewart fought totally intimidated. I know Mike’s reputation also had a lot to do with it.  I still feel that seeing Mike walk into the ring that night, and pace back and forth the way he used to was the icing on the cake.  For some reason ,I do not see looking intimidating as much of an issue in this era. Maybe I’m wrong.  I also remember Marving Hagler & Tommy Hearns having a similar effect on Caveman Lee & Marcos Geraldo respectively.  Bread, what do you think of the intimidating look issue, and who are some of the fighters in different era’s who you feel just totally looked intimidating?


Bread’s Response: Great point. We don’t have a lot of INTIMIDATORS in this era. I think the biggest ones were GGG and Deontay Wilder. We have some big punchers but not a lot of intimidators. Very good point. I don’t know why that is. Very good point.Some of the best intimidators I can think of was Dwight Qawi, Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Gerald McClellan, Nigel Benn, Mike Tyson, George Foreman and Aaron Pryor. In the last 20 years we haven’t had many.

Breadman-What a fight between TTT vs Ramirez!! JCR will never make that mistake or count on the refs to break him while leaving his guard down while they break. I thought the scorecards were pretty close because there were a lot of close rounds. I could’ve also seen it wider. How did you see the fight?

A Taylor vs Teofimo fight would be high action as these two are both athletic, twitchy, boxer-punchers. The bit of size could give TTY the slightest advantage… the boy can bump! How do you see these weekend fights playing out between Haney vs Linares and Nonito vs Nordine. I’ve gotta go with my heart and pick the veterans to pull the upset. When Linares is on the boy is a perfect of a fighter one can be. Random shots have hurt him is the concern. Nonito is one power punch away from always clipping any foe.

These are the kind of fights I wish were on the same card and were somewhere that could host a large crowd.


Richard K

Bread’s Response: I thought the fight was close but I felt that Taylor would win because of the knockdowns. Ramirez was winning some close rounds down the stretch and it made it closer. Ramirez had a large cheering section so I suspected the cards would be what they were….

I think Taylor vs Lopez is fascinating. I think it’s a 50/50 fight. I can see Lopez clipping Taylor because Taylor makes a mistake when he’s advancing towards his Andre Ward like grapple and smother move. Sometimes he reaches for the SMOTHER and he doesn’t bring his feet with him. Ramirez is not really a counter puncher so he didn’t capitalize on it. Lopez is….Lopez is a real sharp shooter and he could turn a quick shot over and catch Josh. I can also see Josh being too active and clever. Josh is also an accomplished body puncher and I would be curious is Lopez could take that pounding all night. Taylor is a much bigger man than Loma and Loma wore Teofimo down a little bit. Wow what a fight. Very tough to call.

I like Nonito by ko after being down on the scorecards. I think this will be another Carbajal vs Arce. Or Arguello vs Costello. Where the ageing puncher may be down on points but it’s ok because he’s not trying to win on points. He’s looking for the money shot. I don’t think Linares is perfect. He think he gives the appearance he is when he’s against outmatched opponents. I’m a big Linares fan but because of him I’ve learned to be specific with terms. He’s a great talent. When he beat Oscar Larios on the Hopkins vs Wright undercard I thought I was watching a future P4P #1. I thought I was watching a mix of Oscar De La Hoya and Ricardo Lopez. I couldn’t believe how good he was. But as time went on I learned from my zest to label greatness just because a fighter has great qualities.

Linares has excellent technical skills. He can box. But he’s not a master boxer nor does he have an elite IQ. Too many bad things happen to him in the ring for him to have an elite IQ or be a master boxer. He loses too bad to fighters he’s much more talented than. Out of his 5 losses only Lomachenko was on par with him as far talent. He was the favorite in each of his other 4 ko losses. That tells me something. It’s no shame in losing or even getting stopped by a great fighter or great puncher. But some of the guys he’s lost to, had no business beating him. Haney has arguably the best jab in boxing. I believe he’s the better boxer although he doesn’t have the two fisted attack or punch selection that Linares has. If Haney just tries to box and be smart and not try for a ko he should be fine. I know the sexy pick is Linares but I don’t expect him to win more than 3 rounds from Haney in a possible distance fight.

What’s good Bro Bread. BJS was who I thought he was. When Canelo started to cook he packed up and went home like I said. I won’t beat him up to bad about it. What I do hate is how the network and BJS promoters kept putting the broken socket out there with absolutely no proof. I thought the shot was good but I still don’t think anything was broken. I won’t stay on that because we will never know. I don’t know where the ref asking the fighter to step to the side and then step to me started but I feel like it does the fighter who just got the knockdown a disservice. You are in essence giving the fighter 15-20 sec to recover which negates the whole 10 count. Back in the day once you rose to your feet you were ask to step to the ref and the ref got the heck out the way, which is how it should be. I don’t mean to make things a black and white but I can’t believe that Fury has not been crucified in the media for his checkered past and for attempting to use the pandemic to get out of his obligation to give Wilder a 3rd fight. If the shoe was on the other foot Wilder would have been drug through the mud. I love Fury’s colorful personality and his fighting heart but right is right and wrong is wrong.

I just watched an interview from Big John Fury and he said that his son should have done the right thing from the jump and completed his obligations. Also, Fury said in the 1st or 2nd Wilder fight that he would give so much to charity but no one has called him to the table for this. As much as Fury is a big personality and a great fighter I get the sense that he is a piece of sh-t when no one is looking which is a man with no ethics or morals. I also think that Wilder is much more of a live dog in this trilogy than many are giving him credit for because the element of surprise is gone.

If Wilder wasn’t on his 3rd of 4th arm surgery I would probably give him 45-55 chance of winning but those arms can’t be trusted so I expect Fury to win another decision but would be surprised if Wilder stopped him inside of 7 if his arms hold up.

Also, what do you make of the training video he has been putting out? Big John said you should never have big men ducking under hooks… What say yea?? Sorry to be so long but last thing. Spence looked very venerable in DSG fight and I think that is the reason Manny picked him. Spence looked slightly slower, he was visibly gassed in the middle to late rounds, and his feet didn’t look the best. I think this might be a mistake by Pac. I think Spence will look much better and don’t think he will stop Pac but I can see him out boxing him similar to the way he did Mikey but I can also see Pac clipping him early. What do you think about this fight?

Bread’s Response: I absolutely detest the rule where referees are basically asking a fighter to do sobriety test. You’re CORRECT. The fighter who scored the knock down is being punished. It’s absolutely ridiculous. You ask a fighter is he ok. You wait for answer. You ask him to step forward and you let him fight. No more. If anymore is needed, then he’s not fit to continue.

John Fury is very sharp. I like him and his brother Peter. They know the game. Look I’m not going to criticize Malik Scott’s pad work. I learned about 9 years ago while talking to Freddie Roach in the Wild Card Gym. He may not remember this but I do. I was young and impressionable and a sponge. He said to me that there is no right or wrong way to do things as far as training. What works for some fighters may not work for others. That always stuck with me as far as ascending as a trainer. 

Wilder is 6’7. He was probably taller than 99% of all of the fighters he’s ever fought. I’ve seen Wilder fight about 15 times. I think only Kelvin Price and Tyson Fury were taller. So obviously at 6’7 he hasn’t had to roll under many hooks. But that doesn’t mean he can’t or shouldn’t. Would I teach him that? I don’t know. Because I would have to look at past fights and see if he did it. I would have to see if he could apply it in sparring. A big heavyweights standard defense can be simple. Make your opponents fight through your extended arms and if that isn’t applicable use your feet. The other stuff is usually instinctive and once you feel his instincts in sparring, you build off of it. 

This is one of the reasons I’m careful of the padwork I let get recorded. Everyone now has an opinion of Scott’s pad work. And now Fury can plan off of that. Fury doesn’t have a big left hook that I have seen. But he thinks fast. He has IQ and a good trainer. He can make it look like a hook is coming and turn an uppercut under where Deontay is rolling. A good team picks up on everything. I think the fight Spence fought vs Mikey Garcia is the fight he will most likely fight. That seems to be his comfort zone in big fights. Good strong jab. Technical boxing. And don’t over punch. It’s not that Spence is careful or tepid. He’s still a punisher. He just scaled it down somewhat vs his elite opponents. I also agree that Manny picked Errol because he didn’t stop Danny or Mikey Garcia. 

Wassup Breadman, Congrats to the kiddos, they have some real wheels. My question is about Kenny Bayless and the job he did in Taylor-Ramirez. With the fight being really close in the ring and on the scorecards. He seemed to be adamant in trying to interject himself in the fight and I believe it may have cost Ramirez. The 2nd KD, looks to be a result of Bayless doing to much, he grabbed Ramirez while they were in the clinch and Taylor caught him in the break from the clinch and that pretty much sealed the fight. I know you must protect yourself at all times but Bayless contributed to that KD. Why was Bayless so involved and did you see that crucial move on Bayless’ part as a deciding factor in the fight?

O from Philly

Bread’s Response: When so many people write in about a referee it’s never good. Being a referee in a major sport is tough. Because the less people notice or talk about you the better job you have done. You get no attribution for doing good work. And you get the worst criticism for making bad calls etc. I think Bayless is used to breaking fighters immediately in the clinch. It’s just muscle memory to him. To break fighters fast. 

In this fight he had two rough fighters who work on the inside. And Taylor who grapples and punches off the clinch. It seemed like he wasn’t familiar with them and he just made a mistake. It’s just that simple. He made a mistake. What’s really bad is, he also hurt Taylor. If you watch those knockdowns. You will see that he gave Ramirez more time than team Taylor would have liked. He did it both times in my opinion. On these calls I have no idea WHY. I didn’t like what I saw. Maybe it was a bad night. I know the fighters don’t want to hear that. But sometimes we have bad nights. Bayless will be closely looked at from this moment on and I can see both Teams not allowing him to officiate anymore of their fights. 

Bread,  How goes it brother.   The way Arum-AJ conducted this Wilder/AJ business is suspect. So you’re negotiating with AJ for a fight for months, posturing & one day after Fury says the fight is on vs AJ a judge says no and then you literally have a fight signed with Wilder 5 days later? Interesting timing, somehow fans will blame AJ & Hearn. AJ can’t get a fight against Wilder/Fury to save his life. Man Pacquiao is a dog. He’s putting Floyd to shame, he’s fight Spence at 42 and Floyd is fighting LOGAN PAUL! not even Jake Paul lol, on circus shows. To me Floyd is an attention whore, he loves the spotlight. I used to be a diehard Floyd fan, but his business decisions are a turn off and Manny will have a better historical legacy as Max Kellerman once explained. I feel terrible for Crawford, Top Rank has done him a real disservice by not getting him that fight when they were both on the same stable. Crawford is gonna end up on a top 5 fighters with unfulfilled potential list someday at this rate. Lastly good fight with Taylor and Ramirez, but I think Taylor could’ve done some cleaner work after he scored those knockdowns. I felt he smothered his work at times and boxed when he should’ve been punching. 

Bread’s Response: So you think something fishy happened in the Fury vs Joshua negotiations. It’s boxing my friend….Seriously who knows. It’s why I try not to get into negotiations. Because the public never really knows. We definitely can’t blame Joshua, he did nothing wrong. He can’t help what the arbitrator ruled. 

Manny is a dog. Spence is no joke and Manny’s fighting him. His 2nd undefeated top welterweight in a row. I’m still not going to get into the Manny vs Floyd debate. Many years ago I engaged and I was stupid. The fans are too maniacal. Both have great legacies. Both are ATGs. Both are top 25 ever. Let’s see how the Spence fight goes. A legacy is an evolving thing. Success, attempts and failures all count.

I also feel bad for Crawford. He wins a lightweight title. Makes a couple of defenses and moves up. Has a good run at 140lbs but not many great opponents. He unifies all 4 belts but because Indongo is not the usual excellent fighter that participates in the unification finale, Crawford’s feat gets discredited. The best young 140 pounders are still sort of prospects when Crawford was at 140. Prograis, Ramirez and Taylor. So he leaves and the division is hot right after he leaves. They all basically win the titles he vacated.He moves to 147 but the notable champion Manny Pacquiao loses a bad decision to Jeff Horne. Crawford stops Horne. He makes a few title defenses vs Benavidez, Mean Machine, Brook and Khan. But he never gets the A list guy in their prime. He doesn’t get the Super Star. No Manny. No Errol. No Thurman. No Porter. No Garcia. Now there are talks of him fighting Vergil Ortiz or possibly Jaron Ennis. 

I don’t feel bad for fighters usually. But I do feel bad for Crawford. I hate to say, should’ve, would’ve, could’ve. I don’t get into the recruitment crusade. Saying stuff like who a fighter should’ve signed with. But man, Crawford is in a tough spot. I don’t like the term because fighters like to be comfortable with who they fight for. But the “wrong side of the street” term comes to mind. I believe Crawford is on par with Floyd Mayweather and Pernell Whitaker in terms of talent and ability but his legacy doesn’t show it. Those are the fighters he gets compared to the most. But I don’t think he will ever get to prove it. By the time they were 33, they had already proved it. We already knew they were special. They were already ATG. I keep saying it. This era is the most counterproductive in boxing history. We have an ATG talent. In his prime. In a stacked division. And he can’t get a meaningful fight. Never in boxing history has this happened for a fighter as good as Crawford at this age and status. No one told me this. I don’t know Terence and I have never met him. But I have a feeling he may say screw it and just retire. He seems like a proud man and after a certain while, proud people say the hell with it. I know because, I’m proud. 

Donaire vs Oubaali looks like a great match up and I like Donaire’s attitude about fighting. I wish a gunslinger like him who does VADA and fights anyone even when those opponents are in their prime would be exemplars to which other fighters would follow. What does Donaire need to do to pull it off? To me, he always seems like he forgets to mix up what he is doing and kind of fall into a behavioral rut during rounds.

Also, how about Pac vs Spence? I think the first half of this fight will look like Manny’s and the last half will look like Spence’s. Manny always gets those early knockdowns, but I wonder how important the body punching will be for Manny. People talk about Spence’s body punching, but I think it will be important for Manny, too. He’s shorter and can get in and out of there. He has the feet. He handled Margarito level pressure but that was 11 years ago. I think he can work that rook hook to the gut and v step in and out. It might be an option. But southpaw vs southpaw means they both will need to recalculate a bit. Remember Dawson vs Stevenson? I don’t think Dawson didn’t see that power punch from that side coming at all. And Lara vs Trout, Lara just seemed more comfortable against a southpaw than Trout.


Thanks for your time.


Bread’s Response: Nonito Donaire is a great fighter. Maybe an ATG. But you’re right. He’s not perfect. I view him as a smaller Oscar De La Hoya. For as good as they both are, sometimes they seem to fall into predictable weird patterns. Oscar is a better boxer than Nonito but both get outboxed without adjustments. It’s so weird because they are both freak talents. Both are versatile but neither can make those Mt. Rushmore adjustments in fights. 

I think Nonito has to get off to a good start. I think he has to get his jab working. I think he has to find a blind spot and hit Oubaali with a hook he doesn’t see. Southpaws don’t see certain hooks. I believe Nonito can’t neglect the body. Southpaws lead with their LIVER. I believe Nonito can clip him. I believe he will clip him. 

Spence vs Pacman is the best match ups of two southpaws EVER. Think about it. I can’t think of another this high level. Both can land all of their money punches. If Manny can neutralize Spence’s jab he can win the fight. That’s a big if. Spence has a top 5 jab in boxing. If Manny can discourage Spence from wearing him down to the body he has an even better chance. Spence is a top 5 body puncher. Manny has his work cut out for him. Fighters only have two hands. Both will land their straight lefts. But Manny has to discourage the was Spence processes a fight. Spence controls you with his jab. And then he steps in with a right hook to the body and a left shovel underneath. He’s a grinder. Manny can’t allow himself to be grinded. It’s really that simple.

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