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Coach’s Corner Issue 6: Penney for your ideas?


As the dilemma in New South Wales specialist rugby has actually concerned the boil with the sacking of head trainer Rob Penney, there were normally a great deal of questions concerning exactly how the ton of money of the Waratahs can be fixed.

The rehab stage has a number of various facets.

Fiwiboy7042 asked, “How hard do you think it has become for NSW to attract a quality replacement for Penney?”, while RugbyRah included, “Who would you recommend as the two or three candidates for the Waratahs job and why?”.

Politically, the visit of an additional Kiwi trainer is much as well delicate after the separation of initial Daryl Gibson as well as currently Penney– and also the much-criticised payment of Andrew Hore as Chief Executive Officer. For that reason, the selection would certainly need to originate from either within the organisation or from much additional afield.

If the visit originates from within, the impressive prospect would certainly seem Jason Gilmore, that was accountable for mentoring the very best Australian under 20s group in current memory at the 2019 Globe Champion.

Simon Cron, that built up favorable testimonials throughout his time under Gibson yet is currently with Toyota Verblitz in Japan, would certainly likewise be a genuine prospect, although he ruled himself out of the running previously today

Both Cron as well as Gilmore are trains whose IP requires to be supported within the residential video game, so they require the chance to advance their occupations within Australia.

If the selection originates from additional afield, the NSW board would certainly need to seek a European trainer that can readjust conveniently to the ‘Australian way’ of playing as well as general rugby overview. A train like Stuart Lancaster has actually currently shown at Leinster that he can win a great deal of flatware, while mentoring a large design of play which positions really high ability as well as physical fitness needs on the gamers.

Cookie asked, “What safeguards should be put in place to hold those responsible who have not only failed but questions of competence and negligence are raised and simply refuse to move aside all while blaming others?”

This is a much larger issue, as well as a concern of society within the organisation. I was dealing with Stuart Lancaster when he surrendered as England head trainer after the fiasco at the 2015 Globe Mug. He alone was scapegoated for the failing, similar to Martin Johnson after the calamity 4 years previously.

The elderly management numbers guaranteeing both trains, like the RFU’s elite efficiency supervisor, Rob Andrew, bore no obligation whatsoever, despite the fact that they prevailed in both cycles.

So it comes to be a concern of responsibility, as well as growing a rejection to award failing behind-the-scenes. The managers as well as guvs of NSW rugby requirement to come to be liable, as well as find out to blame of blame at themselves.

On the having fun front, there is a dual concern, an exactly how as well as a why: exactly how do the Waratahs preserve existing ability, as well as why is it vital to maintain a professional foundation in the team?

Westy asked, “To fix the Waratahs in their current crisis, and imagining an open chequebook, who would you target to recruit urgently?”

“How do we fix the Tahs?” begged Ken Catchpole’s Various other Leg.

Over the previous number of periods, the Waratahs organisation has actually generally liquidated its expert foundation off to a solitary Premiership club in the UK, London Irish.

Irish included Sekope Kepu, Curtis Rona, Nick Phipps as well as more recently Rob Simmons to their lineup, every one of them from the Waratahs. There were an additional 2 New South Welshmen, front rowers Ollie Hoskins as well as Dave Porecki, currently at the club. Considering that his go back to Sydney, Porecki has actually been awarded for his display screens in 2021 with a place in Dave Rennie’s prolonged Wallabies team

With such targeted employment, the concern occurs why either an exchange system (with gamers relocating both means) or a sabbatical/loan bargain (with the Tahs maintaining primacy of agreement) was not concurred in between both clubs?

Rather, there was a clear victor from the bargain– Irish– as well as a clear loser– New South Wales. The Waratahs shed every one of their seasoned management, as well as London selected it up.

Centre/wing Curtis Rona is obtaining take advantage of the brand-new setup, evaluating by his last efficiency in the English Premiership versus Bathroom. Irish appreciate relocating the round vast on long-range counters from turn over round, a design which matches Rona well:

The visibility of a proficient team of gamers is important to group well-being, as well as gamers like Phipps, Kepu, Simmons as well as the undesirable Karmichael Quest would certainly have offered the type of management the Waratahs can refrain without.

Rob Penney summed up the favorable impact Simmons carried the having fun team thusly:

“Rob’s an outstanding human being first and foremost, just one of those people you really enjoy having around your group. His leadership and influence over our squad has been outstanding to witness – particularly given the challenges we’ve all recently faced [during Covid].”

On the area, the lack of Nick Phipps’ management, interaction abilities as well as protective top qualities were specifically visible versus the Reds in the last round of Super Rugby AU. Below are 2 instances from the initial fifty percent:

The NSW scrumhalf is Jack Give, without leading specialist experience in the financial institution at the age of 27. In the initial circumstances, he chooses the side where the Reds are mosting likely to run, yet enables his contrary number Tate McDermott much way too much flexibility:

jack grant defence vs queensland

With Carlo Tizzano pinned sideways of the scrum by the wheel, Give merely needs to progression as well as reduce McDermott’s room.

The 2nd instance is also a much more ostentatious dereliction of obligation. There is no gamer in the protective receiver placement at the start of the lineout, with Give still sited back on the five-metre line:

jack grant positioning at defensive lineout

That offers Suliasi Vunivalu an unopposed run completely to within a number of metres of the New South Wales articles.

Waratahs coach Rob Penney

Sacked Tahs trainer RobPenney (Picture by Cameron Spencer/Getty Pictures)

Harry Jones produced a normally complicated circumstance. “Team A is down by four with 1:00 to go. Team B infringes, five metres from their own line, in the middle of the field. Team A is debating what to do. The captain wants to kick it into the corner (0:50), form a lineout (0:45), win it and form a maul (0:40), and drive it over the try line (0:30). The waterboy wants a scrum with a 3-1-3 formation in the backs. Rocky, the hooker, wants to quick tap and go, and batter down the door for a minute. Assume Team A has lost two lineouts to B and the A scrum has been pinged three times. Who’s right?”

The response to this concern degenerates to using the touched fine. You can not rely upon the umpire’s scrum assumption, as well as the lineout has a great deal of relocating components, every one of which need to be synchronised– the toss, the dive as well as the lifts, the timing as well as framework of the drive.

Exeter Chiefs have actually led onward by merely taking a touched fine in midfield, usually from as away as 8-10 metres from the goal-line. It can be taken by either their hooker Luke Cowan-Dickie, or a scrumhalf (Jack Maunder or Stu Townsend).

The short-hand is right here:

It is well-nigh difficult to stop a solid ball-carrier like Cowan-Dickie from passing through inside the five-metre line, despite having no pre-binding by his assistance gamers. The one caution is that you require self-confidence in your limited driving as well as choice as well as go video game near to the line, yet that is no worry for Exeter. They have had the highest possible red area conversion price in England over the previous 2 periods.

Piru asked, “What is the point of penalising and even yellow carding defences for knocking passes away?”

This is just one of the old chestnuts that simply will certainly not disappear. The drive of modern-day law-making (or refereeing methods, which are probably much more vital) is to award favorable play as well as decrease the adverse or negative component.

That does not constantly imply punishing an unsuccessful effort to obstruct a pass, yet it does imply the umpire will certainly attempt to evaluate intent– that of the protector either to capture the round straight in 2 hands, or knock it up in the air as well as regather ultimately. If she or he sees a hand waving at the round or a down activity of the arm, the authorities are advised to punish the culprit and even issue a yellow card in ostentatious instances.

Why is this vital? Allow’s claim protectors are permitted to knock the give, with a scrum to the challenger one of the most serious feasible assent. There would certainly be a boost of protective line-speed, with gamers flashing of the line extra regularly– perhaps even flying with the air like goal-keepers to tip the round away.

The end result would certainly be to prevent the assaulting group from utilizing the complete size of the area, due to the fact that you have actually efficiently approved the protection a considerable additional tool. Many thanks, yet no many thanks.

Rob Simmons yellow card

( Picture by Mark Kolbe/Getty Pictures)

There were likewise a number of concerns either straight or indirectly pertaining to the current renovation in the Melbourne Rebels’ strike.

“If Matt To’omua is injured, do the Rebels have someone who can play ten, or will they bring Hodge in further a have an even worse backline? Don’t get me wrong, Reece Hodge has been a good servant of Australian rugby and he has some good skills, however, distribution and game management aren’t two of them,” asked JC Masher, albeit a little bit uncharitably.

“Do you think you could do a Coach’s Corner on the differing first-phase tactics of the teams off the set-piece?” Bentnuc included.

The Rebels have actually included size to their assaulting video game, with substantial earnings, because I last had a look at them in Coach’s Corner Issue 3

They have, at the same time, create some imaginative remedies at set-piece including their large ball-carrying prop, Pone Fa’amausili:

Rather than utilizing Fa’amausili as an ordinary bookend/lifter in the five-man lineout, the Rebels are including him as the major ball-carrying risk in midfield, on completion of Matt To’omua’s pass from initial receiver:

rebels attack vs waratahs

Pone does not rotate immediately right into call (nonetheless nuclear), as he could have done previously in the period. He rotates as well as provides a pass to Reece Hodge circling behind him. As the screenshot shows, the Waratahs protection has actually been captured in a dog-leg produced by its decision to close the door on the Rebels tighthead.

What is really outstanding– as well as various from the Melbourne point of view versus the Brumbies– is their need to use the complete size of the area, maintain the round active with offloads, as well as stay clear of the quiting factor of a ruck completely as soon as the break has actually been made.

The Rebels made use of the exact same development from a striking lineout in the 2nd fifty percent:

This moment, with the NSW protection hanging off, Fa’amausili maintains the round as well as bullocks Carlo Tizzano out of his course after getting the round from Hodge. 2 offloads later on, he has actually driven deep right into the skies blue 22 as well as the Rebels remain in placement A1 for the following wave of strike. Play is liquid, glossy as well as penetrative.

Matt Toomua passes for the Rebels

Matt To’omua. (Picture by Teaukura Moetaua/Getty Pictures)

“Over recent years, props have played for penalties and focused more on collapsing and disrupting the opposition, rather than winning clean ball. This has been encouraged by misplaced refereeing which rewards the fictional offence of ‘dominance’. Question – I sense the worm is slowly turning – but have the current crop of props lost the art of scrummaging?” asked In short.

I have actually dedicated 2 different short articles to this issue in current months. One showed up just recently right here on The Holler, with certain referral to the Queensland Reds The various other was released on The Rugby Website

I discovered some fascinating statistics throughout the study for the 2nd item.

Globe Mug period Avg. scrums per video game Portion of scrums finishing in charges Avg. useful spheres
Amateur (1987-1995) 28 10.30% 25
Expert (2011-2019) 15 29.30% 10

By this at-a-glance procedure, the variety of scrums has actually reduced, yet 3 times as lots of scrums are finishing in charges, with much much less useful round created. The Rugby Website short article takes place to define the circumstance I was highlighting from the video game in between the Reds as well as the Pressure, with the feeding group trying to stroll the round around one side of the scrum, after that disengage binds in order to pressurise the umpire right into dealing with the set-piece by fine.

Both sides are well with the ability of attaining this impact within the exact same video game, as the Reds as well as the Pressure nicely showed. It is not accomplished by one scrum having actually accomplished physical or technological prominence over the various other.

If that holds true, why benefit the wheel with a fine? Why not award it rather with the all-natural benefit to the strike which originates from advertising the scrum on one side?

This benefit can be boosted by doing away with the archaic legislation which enables the protecting scrumhalf to prowl near the passage as well as adhere to the feeding 9 around to the base, as well as rather need him or her to hang back to the exact same offside line as the remainder of the protecting backs.

Wallabies and England players scrum.

( Picture: Warren Little/Getty Pictures)

Many Thanks to all once more that provided a concern, they remain to be included in my ever-growing listing of ‘the great unanswered’!

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