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Chin Music, Episode 7: He Had That Haircut In The Third Grade

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Points are a little various today, as we offer an unique 2021 period sneak peek version of the podcast. No audience e-mails (however maintain ’em coming!), no unique visitor, no Minute of Society, simply me and also the terrific Ben Clemens strolling you via every department and also every group. Does it take virtually 3 and also fifty percent hrs? Obviously it does. Is that an issue? Obviously not! It’s a podcast, there are no restrictions.

Music by late 70s/early 80s Boston-based cult art-punk tales Vitamin

Have a concern you would certainly such as addressed on the program? Ask us anything at [email protected]

You can sign up for the podcast through iTunes/Apple Podcasts or Spotify

Caution One: While seemingly a podcast regarding baseball, these discussions typically drift right into various other topics. Caution 2: There is specific language.

Run Time: 3:27:45

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