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Bears propose a bizarre rule change 2 years in the making


The Chicago Bears have actually suggested a brand-new rule change that will certainly change exactly how points form out if groups are flagged on successive added factor attempts.

Every offseason, it appears like an NFL group terminates up a brand-new guidelines change proposition in hopes of making the organization also far better than it currently is. For 2021, appears like the Chicago Bears are the ones prepared to attempt as well as make something occur.

Today, Chicago has actually connected to the NFL workplace as well as they’re attempting to change the method fines are flagged complying with successive added factor efforts. Overwhelmed? Enable us to describe.

Chicago is attempting to change exactly how fines are established complying with successive added factor attempts

Generally what’s brought about this is that the Bears as well as Broncos challenged in a face-off in 2019 as well as Denver racked up a goal late to reduce its shortage to 13-12. The Broncos were mosting likely to opt for 2 as well as the win from the two-yard line, yet after that they obtained flagged for a hold-up of video game. Minutes later on, Denver linked on the RUB, yet Chicago was offsides. So, the round went from the 7 to the one-yard line, that made no feeling. The round should have returned to the 2, right?

Well in that video game, Denver after that opted for 2 as well as took the late lead. Chicago is plainly still angry by this, which is why they have actually headed out as well as been aggressive in making points various for exactly how this type of scenario is dealt with progressing. In Spite Of the Bears carrying out a astonishment as well as winning that video game, it’s still fresh in their minds.

Looking in advance, it will certainly get on the NFL to make the decision as well as determine if the Bears will certainly have made an influence below. Remain tuned.

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