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AIBA To Increase Number of Weight Categories For Men, Women


The International Boxing Organization (AIBA) Board of Supervisors has actually enacted a basic adjustment to the sporting activity by modifying the weight courses for young people and also elite professional athletes in any way AIBA competitors. Men’s weight categories will certainly increase from 10 to 13, whilst women’s will certainly climb from 10 to 12.

The choice is in pressure from August 1st, 2021.

The proposition existed by AIBA Assistant General Mr. István Kovács throughout his record to the Board. He emphasized that AIBA embarked on an extensive examination of stakeholders in men’s and also women’s boxing prior to reviewing and also settling on the brand-new weight courses throughout the Board conference.

‘We believe this step will allow a greater pool of boxers to participate in the respective weight categories where they feel most strong and comfortable. We have collected all proposals from National Federations, as well as from respected AIBA Committees. Each voice was heard. This innovation will help boxing to develop from grassroots to elite,’ Mr. Kovács claimed.

‘We are implementing this crucial change now whilst widespread reform of AIBA’ s entire competitors framework remains in procedure,’ claimed AIBA Head Of State Mr. Umar Kremlev.

‘I truly believe we must deliver more opportunities to our athletes; the new divisions will encourage more people from various countries to take up boxing, and allow more nations to win medals. The more medals we have, the more governments will pay attention to our sport and fund it around the globe.’

The adjustments have actually been produced the safety and security of fighters by making sure simpler weight monitoring and also equivalent battling. The minimal weight for men was minimized from 49kg to 48kg. The spread in between the initial 5 categories is 3kg, in between the 5th and also 7th it is 3.5 kg, in between the 7th and also 9th it is 4kg, and also in between the 9th and also 10th is 5 kg, in between 10th and also 12th it is 6kg. The extremely heavyweight classification begins with 92kg and also has no limitations.

The minimal weight for women continues to be the very same at 48kg. Nevertheless, the spread in between initial 4 weight courses is currently 2kg. In between the fourth and also 8th it is 3kg, in between 8th and also 9th it is 4 kg, from the 9thto the 10th it is 5kg, and also from the 10th to the 11th it is 6kg. The heavyweight weight course continues to be the very same at +81 kg.

The complete weight courses listing can be discovered listed below:

Men’s (in kg)

Minimumweight– 46-48

Flyweight – 51

Bantamweight – 54

Featherweight – 57

Light-weight – 60

Light Welterweight – 63,5

Welterweight – 67

Light Middleweight – 71

Middleweight – 75

Light Heavyweight – 80

Cruiserweight – 86

Heavyweight – 92

Super Heavyweight – +92

Women’s (in kg)

Minimumweight – 45-48

Light Flyweight – 50

Flyweight – 52

Bantamweight – 54

Featherweight – 57

Light-weight – 60

Light Welterweight – 63

Welterweight – 66

Light Middleweight – 70

Middleweight – 75

Light Heavyweight – 81

Heavyweight – +81


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